Sponsoring scientific and promotional meetings 2016. and 2017.

Representative office WALA Heilmittel Serbia, as a socially responsible company has sponsored scientific and promotional meetings, in order to educate the medical and pharmaceutical personnel, as well as other activities of importance for the local community.


In accordance with the Regulations on Advertising medicine and medical devices (Official Gazette of RS, No.79 / 2010 of 29.10.2010.year), Representative office WALA adheres to the rules prescribed by this Regulation.

Information on congresses that are sponsored, continuously for the current year, as and for the previous year, have been published on this site, and it contain the name of the congress,maintenance period, the way of sponsorship, the total amount of funds that are sponsored. About the way of access to data, Representative office WALA will inform the competent ministry.


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