Quality control

From the soil to the final product

A transporter with attar of roses from Bulgaria drives up. WALA employees unpack the containers with the valuable produce and a quality control employee takes a sample of the oil. With the aid of modern analysis techniques such as gas chromatography, the specialists in the company’s own analytical control laboratory will test the attar of roses for identity and purity. If the Bulgarian oil passes these tests, it is approved and can be used to manufacture WALA Medicine and Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products.

Waxes, oils, plant materials: all incoming ingredients for manufacturing WALA products are subjected to a variety of tests such as microbiological studies, purity and identity tests with thin-layer chromatography or content determination e.g. with HPLC (highperformance liquid chromatography).

Needless to say, the quality control does not end here. During the entire manufacturing process, employees monitor critical parameters such as pH values and consistency. In addition, a quality control employee visits each WALA manufacturing area every day and takes samples of all finished products.