Good Health Guide - Injuries to the skin

The skin

A true miracle of versatility. With an area of two square metres, the skin is our largest organ and acts as a protective sheath for our body. As a barrier to the outside world, it is able to perceive several sensations: whether a light breeze, the warmth of the sun’s rays or a gentle stroke. It maintains our body temperature, is involved in the early stages of our immune system and warns us against danger with its sensitivity to pain. Last but not least, our skin also reflects and expresses our soul.

Each individual skin cell only lives for 28 days. Over this time, the cell moves to the skin’s surface from where it is later ejected as dead skin. This has a major hidden benefit: our body’s exterior can regenerate in the shortest of times. Our body automatically ensures that damaged areas of skin heal and become healthy again. During this process, we can support our skin to prevent inflammation and unsightly scars.